Merchants Join/ 招商加盟

According to statistics, there are more than 200 million motorcycles and electric bicycles in China. By the end of 2015, there were 279 million vehicles in China, including 172 million vehicles (including tricycles and low-speed trucks). The number of new energy vehicles is 583 thousand and 200, and the number of pure electric vehicles is 332 thousand. In 2020, the number of electric vehicles in China was 5 million vehicles. The rapid development of China's automotive and non-automotive (mainly electric vehicles) markets and the rapid increase in the number of ownership year by year indicate that the market demand for "tire self-repairing agent" and its ancillary products is increasing.

According to the U.S. market data, the annual consumption of self-reinforcing agent for heavy machinery vehicles and mine trucks amounts to more than $1 billion. This huge market has not yet been developed in China, and the market our company is currently operating is only for motorcycles and electric vehicles. Owners now know little about "tire self-reinforcing agent" and motorcycles all over the country. The use of electric vehicles is less than 30%, pre filling is less than 10%, and the utilization rate of other vehicles is less than 3%. In addition, the vast number of small and medium-sized towns and rural consumer markets have not been activated, the future market development space is unlimited.