Merchants Join/ 招商加盟

Partner positioning

1. Choose people who have the potential of a boss, have strong entrepreneurial desire, have good character, can bear hardships and stand hard work, love learning and have ideas; have the ability to operate the market independently, identify with people who start from scratch, have down-to-earth, steady development and long-term planning ideas.
2. Look for people with entrepreneurial experience, ambition, willingness to work hard and ability to invest; identify with the company's products, recognize the market potential, and have confidence in the project.
3. In principle, recruit local people to do local business, reduce costs, make full use of local human resources, cultural advantages, light cars familiar with the road, twice the result with half the effort. If a non-local household register is to be operated across regions, it must have special advantages, and the reasons should be explained in detail, which can only be determined after examination and approval by the company.
4. In principle, a partner shall be established in a large city's district, county-level city, a county or more counties as a business area, and the specific business areas shall be divided according to the requirements of the partners and the total population and vehicle ownership in the area. In the same area, many people applied at the same time.