Merchants Join/ 招商加盟

"Qiangbao" brand officially launched the "business partnership project", to the country sincerely recruit partners, who meet the conditions, have the opportunity to become "Qiangbao" business partners: engaged in "Qiangbao brand, new Qiangbao tire self-repairing agent" and related ancillary products sales. New leaps and bounds, new models, make money to choose the right market, "Qiang Bao" gives you a successful shortcut, and "Qiang Bao" cooperation you will get tremendous support and unexpected surprises, the success of the boss dream!

1, the company provides partners with a full range of market development training to help start the market;
2. The company will enable each partner to enjoy the maximum profit margin, easily achieve monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, while enjoying the benefit of the project dividends;
3. The company provides strong market support for partners, publicizes products input, assists in formulating marketing plans and solves market problems.
4. In addition to selling Qiangbao series products and supporting products, the company can introduce other marketable products of existing dealer partners. With the promotion and sale of channels, the company can achieve twice the result with half the effort and create benefits.
5. The company continuously develops new products, auto parts and other items to provide new products to the market, to ensure the sustainable development of partners.