Merchants Join/ 招商加盟

Recruitment Process


1. Project consultation: partners can initially understand project information through telephone, website and WeChat platform.
2. Qualification Audit: Those who intend to fill in the personal data registration form first, after the company's examination and approval, the project details of the exchange of the appropriate person and then sent to the market questionnaire, the evaluation of qualified people identified as a prospective partner.
3. Field visits: organize quasi partners to inspect the company, observe and experience sales and research in the market.
4. Company training: training professional knowledge, etiquette, sales skills, marketing knowledge for partners.
5. sign the contract: confirm the operating area, sign the contract, pay the delivery.
6. Formal Operation: Within 15 days after delivery, the company will send members to cooperate with the partners to start the market and assist in formulating the marketing plan.