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Congratulations on the success of our Chaoshan promotion conference
Time: 2018-10-27 Key Words: Sources: 强保公司

Shantou Chenghai Jinquan Motorcycle Cooperate with “Qiangbao” tire self-repairing agent and "Mofeng" lubricants to jointly hold the Chaoshan Regional Product Exchange Marketing Summit. Jinquan Motorcycle is one of the best motorcycle parts dealers in Chenghai, with professional team and marketing staff. It has been 19 years since the Qiangbao brand made self-repairing, and the summit can be said to be a strong team.

On June 5th, under the leadership of Mr. Wang Guangrong, the deputy general manager of the company, the digital marketing elite of Qiangbao Company rushed to Chenghai to cooperate with Jinquan Motorcycle to carry out the exchange summit. The customers at the venue actively interacted and responded enthusiastically. Especially in the tire-laying session, many customers are shocked by the ability to make up the seal and the effect of repairing tires. Qiangbao self-repair has been widely recognized and affirmed. The order is on the spot. The summit achieved a successful and effective promotion and promotion effect, effectively raising the popularity and reputation of the “Qiangbao” brand.