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Announcement on the full implementation of OEM OEM business
Time: 2018-10-27 Key Words: Sources: 强保公司

Since its establishment 20 years ago, the company has been adhering to the tenet of honesty, win-win, innovation and refinement. The production scale and technical strength have been rapidly developed. The “Qiangbao” brand tire self-repairing agent has been awarded for its unique technical formula. The national invention patent(专利号:ZL2013 10493057.5), anti-corrosion, make up the hole effect industry leading, novel design and strong market support, has been unanimously recognized by the majority of dealers and consumers.

In order to increase the intensity of resource integration, give full play to the advantages of corporate brand, production and quality, provide services and assistance for the upgrading and transformation of traditional agents with independent brand management awareness, and help differentiate traditional products and promote market competition. Force, to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development, the company's research decided: for electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicle manufacturers, series of accessories alliance companies and the company's self-repair products have OEM intentions Target customers such as dealers, fully undertake OEM OEM business. All the people in the industry are welcome to visit the company to discuss cooperation! The company will serve you with high quality products and excellent service.

    【OEM department contact】Xibo Lin(Project Director)
     Chen Zhuo(Business manager)
    【OEM contact number】0768-5918668 / 13531262383

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